Do you know what we love about the holidays at Minnesota Veterinary Clinic? All the fuzzy faces we get to see! The holidays are all about wail wags, purrs, and enjoying the festivities while keeping your pets comfortable.

And to make sure your pet has a spot on our schedule for convenient grooming and boarding, book now before we fill up.

Why Should You Book Your Pets' Boarding Sooner Rather Than Later?

Did you know that millions of Americans travel during the holidays? This means that boarding facilities fill up quickly, especially those that offer all that we do.

What Make Our Boarding Facility Ears and Tails Better Than the Rest?

  • Pets that stay with us received plenty of exercise in a supervised environment
  • They also enjoy socialization and interaction
  • We know that mental health is as important as physical wellbeing, so we provide plenty of personal attention to the pets in our care. (Yes, they still miss you, but maybe just a little less when they get so much attention.
  • Dogs get outdoor time to stretch their legs, burn some energy, and enjoy the fresh air

When you call or stop by to book boarding, choose a kennel size and type that will work for your pet. 

Cats often do really well in boarding and get to enjoy mini-vacation where they appreciate the rest and relaxation. And when you board your dog at a veterinary facility, you know she's in good hands. 

Be sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date. The bordetella, rabies, and canine distemper vaccines are a must. Most boarders also require that your dog or cat be on flea prevention.

You can even pack a travel bag for your best buddy. Include their favorite treats, some toys, a blanket that smells like home, and anything else you think your pet might want or need. We suggest writing your pet's name or your last name on any items you bring.

Ask as many questions as you may have–we're happy to help!

Schedule Your Pets' Holiday Grooming Today

If you have friends and family gathering at your home this year, be sure your pets look their best. Grooming can help cut down on allergens and make the best impression on your guests. And when your pet has fresh breath, clean ears, and a shiny coat, she'll feel confident as she meets everyone.

White dogs with drippy eyes can have their tears wiped away before photos. Your dog or cat can have her nails trimmed. And grooming is a great way to be sure your pet gets a quick check for any odd lumps or bumps.

Nothing encourages more head pats, belly scratches, and love than a clean pet.

Boarding, Grooming, Gifts, and Family, What More Could You Ask for?

Have a wonderful holiday with your entire family (including the furry ones). If you're boarding your pet, and we're booked full, be sure you choose a trusted facility that will treat your pet with the care and attention she needs while you're away. But book soon to save your spot here at our clean, cozy, and comfortable boarding facility.

And take the time to book your pets' grooming while you're at it. 

Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital.

Image Credit: puhhha / iStock/Getty Images Plus