Complete Health Care for Pets since 1968
Fear Free Certified Staff & AAHA Accredited


Complete Health Care for Pets since 1968
Fear Free Certified Staff & AAHA Accredited


Complete Health Care for Pets since 1968
Fear Free Certified Staff & AAHA Accredited

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American Animal Hosptial Association.


Taking the Pet out of “petrified” for all animals.


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Our Mission is to provide excellence in small animal diagnostic care and treatments for your pet. We deliver high-quality customer service for our patients and their human companions. Our qualified team members treat pets as if they were their own. The well-being of your pet always comes first.

The Minnesota Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing convenient, competitively priced, top-quality veterinary care. Our complete full-service small animal care facility has been providing excellence in veterinary surgery and medicine since 1968. The comfort and well being of our patients is always our top priority.

To help us in our mission of excellence, we now feature several tools to help you in your pet’s care and health needs! From our VetApp, where you are just a touch away, to our online store where you can get the products your pet needs 24×7 and get FREE SHIPPING, to Petly, where you can access your pet’s personal health pages any time day or night…

Minnesota Veterinary Hospital continues our commitment to excellence and seeks to make your attention to your pet’s health more convenient!

Our Services


Parasite prevention, wellness examinations, vaccinations and annual veterinary visits are crucial to keeping our pets healthy. By catching disease in its earliest stages, you not only have more treatment options available, but treatment may be less costly.


Our staff is specially trained, and our facilities fully equipped for any number of surgical  dental procedures. We also utilize local Board Certified Veterinary Surgical Specialists to perform more complicated surgical procedures at our hospital.


From serum chemistry profiles to cytology, (which literally means “the study of cells”, we can perform when indicated to help in diagnosing, treating and managing disease.


Dental disease is a common and often overlooked problem in dogs and cats. While cavities represent the most common dental disease of humans, dogs and cats are frequently bothered by tarter buildup on the teeth. Tarter accumulation leads to irritation of the gums around the base of the teeth, ultimately leading to exposure of the roots. Potential outcomes of this tooth root exposure include gum infections and tooth loss.

I couldn’t imagine having a better place to bring my cats. The care and insight provided here exceeded expectations. Highly recommend.

Kari T., Google Review

Koda, myself and my husband have all had a great experience at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital! Every single veterinarian and employee that we have encountered thus far have been so amazing and so compassionate. We have only been there twice as we have recently switched providers but so far they have been amazing and I cannot thank them enough. The second visit was for an emergency and they fit her in right away and made sure she was okay! Thank you to Dr. Freed, Dr. Ahrens and the Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Team!

Alyssa M., Google Review

Kelly, all the Techs, and Doctors/Veterinarians are so wonderful and caring for your animals. My dog spent the last day and a half throwing up and not sleeping but as soon as I came to the front door and he recognized where we were his tail was wagging full speed and he was pulling to get in and see his friends. If my dog Huxley doesn’t like you, I’d trust him that there’s probably something wrong with you… I trust and appreciate everyone at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital!

Casey F., Google Review