Wintertime can be beautiful but it also carries its own unique set of risks. One of the most frightening scenarios is when our beloved pets go missing in a snowstorm. There has definitely been no shortage of snow over the past few weeks in our Shoreview area. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of being reunited with your pet. Read on for some tips and tricks on what to do if your pet gets lost in the snow.

Pre-Planning is Key

It’s always better to be prepared before an emergency strikes. Keeping up with pet identification ahead of time goes a long way—have your pet’s name and contact information engraved on their tag, and consider microchipping them as well. Similarly to the info on your pet’s tag, you also need to make sure that the microchip contains your most recent address and contact information. That way if someone finds them, they’ll have the necessary information to reunite them with you right away.

Post On Social Media Channels

If your pet has gone missing, don’t hesitate to get the word out on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Post photos of your pet along with contact information or details about where they were last seen—this increases visibility so more people will be aware of your search efforts.

Create Lost Pet Flyers and Distribute Them

Create a lost pet flyer that you can post around town and distribute to neighbors, veterinarians, etc.. On the flyer, include your pet’s name, breed, color, size and any identifying characteristics. Include a clear photo of your pet as well as contact information for you or another family member that can be reached directly if a sighting is reported.

Look for Tracks & Tracks Nearby Buildings

If there’s snow on the ground, it’s likely that there will be tracks leading away from where your pet was last seen. Follow these tracks until you find something or someone that may have seen them. Also keep an eye out for nearby buildings such as sheds or garages where pets may have taken shelter from the cold weather conditions.

Prior to starting your car, be sure to check around its perimeter and underneath the vehicle as well. Animals can sometimes take shelter around 0cars to keep warm and if they’re scared, they may hide there until you approach them.

Leave Food & Water Outdoors

To further increase your chances of being reunited with your furry friend, try leaving food (preferably wet food or highly scented food) and water outdoors at night near where they were last seen as a way of calling them back home. This works especially well in conjunction with bringing treats when searching for them—the smell of familiar treats may lead them straight into your arms!

Alert Your Veterinarian

Finally, make sure to alert your veterinarian that you’re looking for your missing pet so they can help spread the word on their social media channels, too. They may even have additional tips or advice specific to their patients who go missing in wintery weather conditions!

Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking no matter what time of year it is—but it can feel especially daunting when it happens during a snowstorm! With preplanning and by following some basic tips outlined above, hopefully, you will be reunited with your furry friend soon!

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