Your dog is more than just a pet. He’s a member of your family, your fur baby, so it’s only natural that you want the best for him. When choosing a dog groomer, there are several things to consider before you take your dog in to get shampooed and styled. Below, you’ll find a checklist to help make the decision a bit easier and help ensure you and your pup find the perfect fit. 

Ask For Suggestions

It’s important to ask other people for their suggestions especially if you’re new to the area. Ask your friends, family, or coworkers who have pets about their personal experiences with their current or past groomers. Reading online reviews can be enlightening, but it’s important to get details and opinions from people you know and trust. 

Get a List of Services and Prices

Before you leave, get a list of services and prices. Your dog might require a special shampoo, or perhaps you’d like your pup’s nails to be trimmed. It’s important to know what these extras will cost and what’s already included in their most basic package.

Check That the Groomers Are Capable of Handling Your Pup

Some dogs aren’t comfortable being handled for grooming. Others are more prone to anxiety. If you have a dog with any sort of behavioral issues, bring that up when you speak to the groomer to ensure that the staff handling your fur baby are aware of these issues which may require a special bit of extra care for your dog. 

Know Where Will Your Dog be Kept

Your pup will be at the groomers for a while. Obviously, he won’t be on the grooming table the entire duration of his visit, so it’s important to know where he’ll be kept when he’s not being bathed or styled. This information is especially important information if your dog doesn’t play well with others or gets nervous in confined spaces. Get as much information as you can about where your pup will be kept if someone will be watching over him the entire time, what kind of drying techniques are used, and if he’ll interact with other dogs while there.

Leaving your dog in the care of another is always stressful, but the process can go a lot smoother if you have adequate information. Never feel guilty about asking too many questions. Your dog is your family, and you should never feel shame for wanting to ensure he’s safe, happy, and comfortable. Use this checklist to find a groomer willing to meet your standards and go above and beyond to care for your furry friend.

At Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, we take great pride in our grooming services. On our grooming page, you’ll find more information about our facilities and pricing, as well as the special care we take to ensure your pet has a good experience with us. And, with our Doggy Daycare options, just add on a grooming service to your pet’s stay and they’ll come home to you feeling, looking, and smelling great!

Image credit: Pexels