Are you finally planning your summer vacation? After all the unexpected stress of the last few months, there's no doubt that you deserve some rest, relaxation, and fun away from home. Do you know who else deserves the same? The furry members of your family.

We invite your dog, cat, or small companion animal to stay at our boarding facility while you enjoy your trip. When you choose Minnesota Veterinary Hospital for your pet's vacation, you'll have peace of mind while your pet revels in the individual attention from our qualified staff.

We're open and ready for your pet. Why should you book boarding with us?

1. Your Pet Will Receive the Best Care

When you board your pet here, they're staying with professionals you already trust. We care for every pet that walks through our doors as if they were our own, including boarders. Our trained staff members are held to our high standards for care, so you'll know your pet is happy and healthy while you're away.

2. Our Boarding Attendants Love Doting on Pets

We know it's tough for your pet to be away from their family, but we'll give them tons of tender, loving care while they await your return. From stroking their bellies to scratching them behind the ears to talking in silly voices, your pet will be showered with love by our team.

3.Your Pet Will Have a Blast

We believe boarding should be anything but boring. Pets need to play, and we're happy to oblige. Our facility has outdoor and indoor play areas for pooches, and we insist on giving them as much outdoor time as possible. They love the fresh air and being able to romp safely off-leash.

For our cat guests, we know that mental stimulation is equally as important for their wellbeing, which is why we love playing with them, too. A genuine purr is a sign of a job well done.

4. Medication? No Problem

Your pet's health is our top priority and we are uniquely well-suited to attend to their medical needs. As your pet's vet, we have an established relationship with your dog or cat and have immediate access to their medical history. Our staff, overseen by our veterinarians, is trained to properly administer medications.

5. Our Boarding Facility Is Clean and Safe

Most importantly, rest assured that our facilities are clean and safe. Our kennels provide your pet with plenty of space to stretch out, relax, and rest after enjoying one-on-one time with a kennel attendant. We're dedicated to keeping your pet's bedroom and play area sanitized and spotless.

Are You Ready to Book Your Pet's Vacation with Us?

If you're preparing to go out of town, book your pet's stay with us ASAP. Our kennels fill up fast, and you don't want to have to worry about finding, interviewing, and hiring another facility or pet sitter before you leave. If you have any questions regarding the necessary vaccinations or our availability, please give us a call.



Image credit: mali maeder | Pexels