No matter how lovable and cute pets can be, they sure know how to make a mess. This makes it important for you to pet-proof your home, as doing so is the only way to prevent costly wear-and-tear that pets will cause over time. Here are four simple tips for creating a clean and safe living space for your furry family members.

1) Provide Toys as an Outlet

Chewing and scratching are behaviors that come naturally to both cats and dogs. They are how your pet has fun and handles feelings of frustration and anxiety. Having engaging toys for dogs to chew on and designated scratching surfaces for cats to claw at will keep them from damaging the furniture, carpets, and floors of your home.

2) Invest in Moveable Gates

Having gates that you can use to keep pets from entering certain areas of your home is always a good idea. These gates are inexpensive and can be used for years. There’s no better way to protect sensitive floors from pet damage and prevent your pets from getting into things that could be harmful to them.

3) Keep Garbage out of Reach

Keeping your pets out of the trash is important for a couple of reasons. The last thing you want to do is clean up garbage that your dog or cat has strewn around the house, and the contents of your trash could also be dangerous for your pets to come into contact with. Put your trash bins inside cabinets or use ones that have durable covers capable of keeping even the most determined pets out.

4) Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

Regular cleaning of your home is one of the best ways to prevent long-term damage from pets. Sweep and vacuum all fur from your floors, carpets, and rugs at least once a week. Keep an eye out for the areas of your home where pet traffic is highest and give these places extra cleanings periodically. Also, consider arranging furniture and other home fixtures in a way that keeps pets away from the areas of your home that are most susceptible to damage.

As long as you can provide toys for your pets to use their excess energy on, keep garbage out of reach, stick to a consistent cleaning schedule, and utilize movable gates, your home will stand the best possible chance against pet damage. This will allow you to preserve the value of your home while providing a safe, fun, and comfortable living space for your animal companions.

At Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, we know that you love your pets and want to keep them safe from unexpected hazards or accidents. If you have concerns about your pet, make an appointment with us and we can suggest behavioral training, doggy daycare, or provide suggestions to your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Image credit: Magda Ehlers  | Pexels