Our pets give us the gift of joy, companionship, endless memories, and better health. While they can't go to the store, pick out the perfect gift, wrap and put it under the tree, our loving pets provide us with 365-days worth of gifts every year. Our four-legged friends just make our lives better each and every day. Just how much do our pets improve our lives? Their love may be immeasurable, but the positive and profound effects they have on us can be easily seen.

1. Pets Make Their Pet Parents and Family Members Less Lonely

As your kitty snuggles up on your lap or your dog curls up by your feet, it's almost impossible to feel alone. In fact, most people consider their dogs, cats, rabbits, or other pets, their best friends. Pets give us someone to talk to, and they don't even complain if our stories aren't the most exciting. If you've ever overheard your son or daughter chatting with your dog or cat, you know your pet is one of your child's best friends.

2. Four Paws for Peace of Mind

Pets have developed the ability to read our minds. Well, they may not have psychic powers, but they can interpret our moods, respond to our routines, and adjust their behavior based on how we feel. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to those days when we feel restless, sad, or grumpy.

3. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

How surprising would it be to hear your pet yell "smile!" at you every morning? Luckily, they don't have to tell us to smile, their presence just naturally makes us happier. Pet parents tend to struggle less with problems of depression, anxiety, and stress. And our pets give us even greater purpose, making life even more fulfilling.

4. Our Pets Keep Us Busy, Active, and Social

Pets improve our social lives by giving us something to talk about and connect to and with others. Studies show that cat parents and dog parents have healthier social lives and tend to talk to their neighbors and strangers more. In other words, your pet is a natural ice breaker.

For seniors, pets multiply their social fulfillment and bliss. Seniors with pets score higher than their peers when it comes to having active lives. And they tend to need fewer prescriptions. Studies have also shown that pets can stave off Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

5. Pet Improve Our Physical Health

Does your heart race when you get back from a trip and open your door to find your tail-wagging best buddy? Or can you feel your blood pressure drop as your cat climbs aboard your lap? These aren't just an illusion. Our pets make us physically healthier.

That's right. Dog parents have healthier hearts than non-dog owners. It must be all those walks and games of fetch, right?

Our Pets' Gifts to Us are the Best

Our pets give us purpose and provide us with more love and comfort than we can put into words. They're there for us when we need them most, and they're great at keeping secrets. Say "thank you" for all the gifts your pet gives you every moment she has a chance by giving her the gift of health and happiness year after year. Our pets deserve long lives. Make an appointment with our Minnesota Veterinary Team and provide your pet with preventative health, early diagnosis, and a lifetime to enjoy spending time with you!


Image credit: ChristinLola | iStock | Getty Images Plus