Between the change in weather and daylight savings, we often find ourselves ready to relax with a hot cup of tea when fall arrives. And we say, "go for it!" Enjoy this beautiful time of year, and make the most out of the wonderful weather with your pets by protecting them from any autumn hazards with these simply safety tips.

Prepare for the Holidays and Protect Your Pet this Autumn By

1. Help Your Pet Handle the Stress of the Holidays

Whether you're planning a gathering of guests or a trip away, remember that pets become stressed from major changes and strangers.

If you're going out of town, be sure to leave thorough instructions with your pet sitter and introduce your pet to their sitter a few times before you say bon voyage!

Book your boarding reservation early and be sure you're familiar with the required vaccinations and check-in hours. 

If you're having guests over, create a sanctuary in a quiet room away from the excitement for nervous pets. This is also a great way to reduce the number of handouts guests tend to gift our pets with.

2. Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Wake a Snake

Snake spottings tend to decrease as the temperatures drop. But this doesn't mean snakes disappear–they're hibernating. Keep your dog or cat safe by eliminating wood, brush, and leaf piles nearby your home. Snakes love curling up in firewood and under piles of leaves. Always use caution as you disrupt these locations.

3. Keep Chocolates and Candy Out of Reach of Your Pet

"˜Tis the season for chocolate and treats. From holiday chocolates to Thanksgiving desserts, pet poisons seem to be all around the house in fall. It's no wonder chocolate toxicity rates soar this time of year and xylitol poisoning increases as well.

One small chocolate or candy can do major damage to your pet and bank account. The average cost of a chocolate-related visit costs pet parents $240, and as high as $1,200.

4. Watch Out for Signs of Chronic Pain in Senior Pets

As the shivers begin to set in, remember that older pets struggle to retain heat as well as their younger counterparts. Arthritis also tends to cause added discomfort from stiffness during colder months. 

But don't skip those walks. Older dogs still need exercise to maintain a healthy weight and lubricate their joints. 

Some simple things you can do to help your senior pets in autumn include

  • Add a few extra blankets to your pet's bed
  • Lift your dog in and out of the car (Is it time to invest in a ramp?)
  • Continue to manage your dog's weight through diet and exercise
  • Invest in a comfortable sweater for walks

5. Don't Let Your Dog Catch the Flu

Canine flu and kennel cough (bordetella) can really put a damper on your pets' autumn. Don't let these airborne illnesses slow down your dog. 

Kennel cough spreads quickly and easily. If you notice a dog coughing, don't approach or let that pup greet your dog. If you notice your dog wheezing, coughing, or experiencing fever, give us a call ASAP.


We Hope Your Make the Most of Autumn  with a Healthy Pet this Year

Keep your pet safe and have fun!

How can you celebrate safety and enjoy the weather this fall? After you've completed your autumn safety checks, let your pet enjoy some fresh air in the backyard. You can also bring your pup to the pumpkin patch, on a relaxing fall hike, or choose the Christmas tree.

If your pet is due for her fall vaccines or boarding prep, give us a call. We're here and happy to help you keep your pet in the best health from fall and beyond.

Image Credit: Pixabay