If We’re Lucky

Aging is inevitable if we’re lucky enough to experience it. Sure, we develop a few more aches and pains, a few gray hairs, and maybe a paunchy middle, but we’re still us – loveable, curmudgeonly, or anywhere in between. Age doesn’t change who we are inside. We still want to be loved, cared for, and cared about. The same is true with pets. Although they may not be as spry and mischievous as they once were, senior pets have the same level of love, affection, and loyalty to share that they did when they were younger.

Celebrating Senior Pets In November

It’s probably no coincidence that Thanksgiving and Senior Pet Month both occur in November. On the list of things we have to be thankful for, we have the chance to ruminate on the gratitude we feel toward the pets who make our lives happier, richer, and more fulfilling. Imagine being able to share those experiences with a senior pet, whose body may be older but whose spirit still holds such joy.

Written On Your Face

Fargo actress Francis McDormand believes that the beauty of getting older is that your life is written on your face. The same is true with our animal companions. Although they have grayer whiskers or mottled fur, their eyes and hearts hold all they’ve experienced during their lives. What a treasure, then, to celebrate slower, mellower senior years with a pet whose biggest desire is to love and be loved. Just that. To look into your face knowing that, after living whatever kind of life they’ve led, they are, finally, home to share their senior years with you.

Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Pet

Although many people are hesitant to adopt a senior pet because of all the potential unknowns with them, realistically, there are a plethora of unknowns with any pet you bring into your life. With a senior pet:

  • You know who you get – their personalities are already known
  • They don’t require the constant supervision that a baby or young adult pet does
  • Nearly all senior pets are housetrained
  • Their grooming requirements are known
  • They’re less destructive to homes and furnishings

Lastly, yet far more importantly, senior pets can help us slow down. They teach us how to relax and enjoy all the little moments that make life magical.

Challenges In Adopting Older Pets

Let’s face it – there are challenges associated with bringing any pet into your home. That’s just the way it is. Embracing a new family member is filled with transitions around the care they need and how they fit into your family structure. It’s spent getting to know them, regardless of their age and stage in life, just as they get to know you.

A senior pet may have additional health needs. Most senior pets have arthritis, for example, but that’s easily managed. Unlike a puppy, kitten, or other infant pet, you’ll know if a senior pet has medical conditions aside from the normal process of aging.

Minnesota Veterinary Hospital

If you’re in Shoreview, MN, or the surrounding areas, we can help you provide all the medical care a senior pet needs. We can’t provide love – only you can. We strongly encourage you to consider bringing a senior pet into your life. They’ll give you much more than you could ever give them.

Image credit: Pixabay