Animal activist Colleen Paige thought National Mutt Day was so important that she pushed for it to be recognized twice a year, on July 31 and December 2. The purpose of the awareness campaign, according to Paige, is to “embrace, save, and celebrate” mixed-breed dogs. All too often, people’s desire for a purebred dog means that those with mixed parentage are overlooked. Mutts make up the largest percentage of euthanized animals in part because the desire for the perfect designer dog leads to over-breeding. 
Mutts Make Great Pets 
What many potential adopters fail to realize is that mixed-breed dogs make loyal, affectionate, and well-behaved pets. Compared to their purebred counterparts, mutts are healthier and have a longer average life span. They develop fewer genetic diseases as well. That means they have less incidence of some cancers, skin disease, kidney dysfunction, and diseases of the brain, liver, and blood. 
The Most Popular Mixed Breed Dogs 
According to an informal survey by Dog Time Magazine, people reported owning the following types of mutts most frequently: 
"¢ Cockapoo, cross between cocker spaniel and poodle known for its joyful disposition. 
"¢ Goldador, cross between a golden retriever and Labrador retriever known for being energetic. 
"¢ Goldendoodle, cross between golden retriever and poodle known for being playful. 
"¢ Labradoodle, cross between Labrador and poodle known for its intelligence. 
"¢ Maltese Shih Tzu is one of the few non-poodle mutts and is a small, loyal dog. 
"¢ Maltipoo, cross between Maltese and poodle known for an affectionate nature. 
"¢ Peekapoo, cross between Pekingese and poodle and known for being protective and affectionate with human family. 
"¢ Puggle, cross between a pug and a beagle known for having a fun-loving personality. 
"¢ Schnoodle, cross between a poodle and schnauzer known for being a loyal family dog, therapy dog, or performance dog. 
"¢ Yorkipoo, cross between a Yorkshire terrier and miniature poodle and is suited to living in small spaces. 
Give a Mutt a Chance 
If you have been thinking about getting a new dog for a while, why not adopt a mutt? You will be helping to save a shelter dog’s life while not supporting pet stores that may do business with unethical puppy mills. Once you get your new family member home, schedule a wellness exam at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital. We look forward to meeting your lovable mutt. 

Photo Credit: cha_ra_la / Getty Imagess