As pet owners, we all want to make sure our animal companions have everything they need for a happy and healthy life. And that’s especially true when it comes to taking care of them during the cold Minnesota winter months. To help ensure your pet stays safe and warm throughout the season, here are five essential items every Minnesota pet owner should have on hand this winter.

Paw Balm

Paw balm is an excellent way to protect your pet’s paws from the extreme cold and snow. It can help soothe any chapping or cracking of their paw pads, while also adding a protective layer against ice, snow, road salt, and other harsh elements they may come in contact with while walking outdoors. You can purchase specialized paw balms in our online store.

Winter Coat/Sweater

Even if your dog has a thick coat of fur, a good winter coat or sweater is essential for keeping them warm during those chilly days when temperatures hover around zero degrees Fahrenheit. (Or how about our -26 wind chills this past week!) Look for coats with waterproof material as well as adjustable straps so that you can get the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Preventative Medication

As part of your regular preventative care routine, it’s important to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all their necessary medication—especially heartworm preventatives. Even though we live in a colder climate, the American Heartworm Society recommends year-round heartworm prevention.

Veterinary Clinic Contact Information

It’s always a good idea to keep updated contact information for your local veterinary clinic on hand in case of an emergency. From problems with joint pain due to cold weather to injuries sustained during outdoor playtime, having quick access to these contacts will ensure that you can get help fast if needed.

Food Puzzles

On days when you simply can’t get outside for physical exercise, food puzzles are an excellent way to keep your pet entertained and engaged indoors while still providing them with mental stimulation and nutrition they need on a daily basis. Make sure they also have access to plenty of fresh water during these colder months as well—especially if it gets even colder than usual!

Caring for our pets throughout the long Minnesota winter is no small task—but by making sure we have all the necessary supplies on hand ahead of time, we can rest assured knowing that our furry friends will stay warm and healthy until spring arrives again next year! From paw balms to food puzzles and everything in between, take some time now before temperatures drop too low to stock up on all these essential items so that you’re prepared. At Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, we believe in loving and protecting our pets year-round—and that starts with being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way!

Image credit: Unsplash