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Tips to Keep Your Furry Best Friend Paddling Safely


Let Your Dog Make a Splash This Summer with These Water Safety Tips

With all the amazing options for doggie paddling in and around Shoreview, it’s not surprising that we’re getting a lot of questions about water safety for dogs. If you are planning for your dog to take a dip while on a hike at one of the amazing Ramsey County trails or you have a boat trip planned, make sure you’re prepared to keep your pup safe.


Pet Fire Safety - MN Vet


Thanks to a joint effort by ADT Security Services and the American Kennel Club (AKC) several years ago, July 15 is official Pet Fire Safety Day. Representatives from both organizations felt alarmed at the statistics indicating pets start at least 1,000 fires in the home each year. Nearly a half-million pets sustain injury in house fires whether they started them or not. Sadly, around 40,000 pets lose their lives each year due to smoke inhalation, burns, and other consequences of home fires. 


New Tick-Borne Illnesses Making Their Way into Minnesota and Why Protection Matters


No, you’re not imagining things. Temperatures in Minnesota really have been in the 70s this week. While the warm weather is a welcome relief after a winter that seemed to drag on forever, pet owners should be aware that this time of year also brings out a lot more ticks. Although ticks can survive in all types of temperatures, they are most active from March to October.