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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

Fleas and Ticks: ICK!


Now that spring has sprung in Minnesota, so have the fleas and ticks that threaten your pet's health and comfort. While these parasites are a problem all year long, they are even more prevalent as the snow melts and warmer temps arrive.


All About the Heart (Heart Disease & Heartworm in Dogs)


Because dogs typically consume a healthier diet than humans do, it’s rare for them to develop coronary artery disease. However, they can develop a condition known as progressive heart failure. Veterinarians consider this a disease of aging and not of lifestyle. Congestive heart failure means that the heart slowly loses the ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. It ultimately affects other organs as well. 


Four Reasons Doggy Daycare is a Healthy Choice for Your Pet


You love your dog and would spend all your time with him if you could, but you need to work to pay the bills too. Your dog doesn’t understand this and gets lonely in your absence. In fact, you might even describe his behavior while you’re away as destructive. The official name for this behavior issue is separation anxiety and it’s a leading reason why many people surrender their dogs to animal shelters. This is especially sad when many solutions exist to curb destructive behavior by dogs, including doggy daycare.