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Living with a Pet with Diabetes


Did you know that November is Pet Diabetes Month? Diabetes isn’t just a disease that affects humans. It affects pets, too. This disease can be quite frightening for pet parents, especially if their pet is newly diagnosed, but we want you to know that diabetic pets can live long, healthy, happy lives with proper care. Understanding this disease along with its treatment and the warning signs of an emergency can make your pet’s diagnosis more manageable.


Know the Signs of Pet Cancer


It’s November… or what we like to call it “Know-vember.” Throughout this month we dedicate our time to educating pet parents on what they need to know to potentially save their pets’ lives. Because November is also National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, there’s no better time to take a closer look at the disease that takes more pets’ lives than any other.


Prepare Your Pet for the Howl-iday with Grooming and Boarding


Are your plans set for the upcoming holidays? If so, great job! While seasonal festivities are exciting for humans, they can be overwhelming for pets. If you’re going out of town, be sure to book your pet’s boarding before we put up a “no vacancy” sign. And if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or any other upcoming holiday, be sure your pet is groomed to perfection to impress your guests.