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We Wish you a Safe Holiday Season!


While the holiday season brings happy times and memories each year, it also brings the possibilities of health risks to your pet.

    There are many things that you may not realize are hazardous to your pet that are often around your home during the holidays. Holly, Poinsettias, tinsel, Pine needles, the water from your Christmas tree, potpourri and Mistletoe are all things that your pet needs your help avoiding.

    All of these things have one aspect in common--if your pet ingests any of these holiday items, it can be toxic for them. Many of the holiday plants are poisonous for your pet, while the water that sits at the bottom of your Christmas tree grows bacteria throughout the season.

    Our advice to you would not be to avoid all Christmas decorations and fun, but instead to just be aware of what can harm your pet and ensure that which ever decorations you do decide to bring into your home over the holidays are kept in a place that your pet cannot get into contact with. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season!



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