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Busting the Myths of Veterinary Prevention vs. Treatment

Are vaccines worth their weight in gold? Absolutely. When it comes to immunizations, you’re not just protecting your pet from possible illness, you could be saving her life and saving yourself from stress and financial strain.

Did you know that the cost of medical treatment is a leading reason pet parents decide to surrender their beloved pets? If more pet parents chose preventative care rather than waiting for a small problem to worsen, these costs could be significantly reduced and even eliminated! 


The 3 Biggest Myths About Pet Health Prevention And Why They’re Wrong

You don’t feed your dog chocolate, right? Why? Because it prevents her from becoming dangerously ill. So, why do pet parents skip preventative medicine which also safeguards their pets against dangerous and deadly illnesses? Here are the most common myths we hear and myth busters to prove them wrong:


1. “I Don’t Need to Bring My Pet to the Vet If She’s Not Sick?”

Many pet parents wait for their pets to be sick before bringing them in. While you shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment if you believe your pet is under the weather, you can reduce the stress and difficulty of the illness with prevention.

Myth Busted: 

Cats and some dogs are Houdinis when it comes to making symptoms disappear. Even though your pet appears healthy, she may have an underlying health issues that is not apparent. She may also be masking chronic or subtle pain.

Prevention and sticking to your annual exams can eliminate the snowball effect of an illness. And the last thing we want is for it to be too late for any pet’s survival. We find people regret waiting way more often than bringing their pet in just in case.

We can also find any health conditions that are lying below the surface. We can look at your pet’s blood work, check for lumps and bumps, and perform a fecal analysis for parasites.

You can also prevent the discomfort of illness and the stress of last-minute scheduling by choosing preventative medicine.


2. “Vets Nowadays Over-Vaccinate”

Seeing a pet suffering from a preventable illness is one thing we never get used to. And the pain is worse when the pet needs to be put down due to a preventable issue. And we can only imagine the sorrow the pet owner must feel.

As veterinarians, we take an oath to prevent animal suffering and provide pet owners with guidance based on science to do the same.

We only recommend vaccines that will help your animal avoid fatal illnesses and diseases that are prevalent in our area. We use the vaccination guidelines provided by the AAHA to decide what immunizations are best for your pet.

3. “Veterinary Appointments and Immunizations Are Too Expensive”

We understand that some pet parents are on a tight budget. But skipping vaccinations and a preventative exam can cost you more in the long run.

We do everything in our power to provide all of our patients with affordable and reliable care. When you bring your precious pet to Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, we provide thorough, compassionate treatment to try to eliminate unnecessary repeat visits.

Our veterinary exam starts at ____ which is much less than what treatment of many preventable illnesses can cost. Here is a cost analysis that shows how much you can save with prevention rather than treatment based on cost analysis done by Veterinary Pet Insurance:

Prevention: $29
Treatment: $179

Dental Issues (including cavities and tooth infection)
Prevention: $170
Treatment: $530


Infectious Disease Prevented with Immunizations

Parvo, Lyme disease, feline leukemia
Prevention: $86 each
Treatment $680+ each

Prevention: $70
Treatment: There is no treatment for rabies

Prevention: $50
Treatment: $400, and no assurance of survival

Prevention: $30
Treatment: $350

And these costs multiply when your pet needs to go to  the emergency vet. The average visit to the ER vet doubles, triples, or quadruples the cost of your pet’s treatment. 

Protect and Prevent, Don’t Wait to Treat

Be your pet’s superhero and make an appointment to keep her immunizations up-to-date. We can guide you through what’s best for your pet’s circumstance, size, age, and breed. We will happily answer any questions you may have while we’re at it.

Preventing disease and dental issues can extend the life of your pet for plenty of tail wags, purrs, and snuggles for years to come!

Provide your fuzzy best friend with the best life she can have: prevent preventable diseases and avoid the elevated cost of treatment.

Photo Credit: Pixabay