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How to Organize a Take Your Dog to Work Day Event


Take Your Dog to Work Day is coming up on Friday, June 24. Pet Sitters International started this event in 1999 to highlight how dogs play an important part of our everyday lives. If you still need to convince your boss to participate, let him or her know that studies indicate the presence of a dog can help people feel less stress and be more creative in their jobs. It also helps to encourage more interaction between co-workers who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to talk to each other.

How to Have a Dog-Gone Good Time 
The event should be fun for everyone, whether or not they have a dog accompany them to work that day. One way to put a smile on people's faces is to suggest a dog/owner look-alike content. You can raise money for animal shelters in the Shoreview area by requesting a small donation from anyone who wants to enter the contest.

When announcing the event, suggest that people dress their dog in a costume for the day. As the dogs start arriving, let people know that they're free to take as many pictures as they want. Having fun and laughing together is a great team-building exercise. While everyone is busy having a great time, make sure that information is available about dog care and adoption. Ask people to volunteer to speak for a few minutes about how having a dog has enriched their life and encourage them to visit a local animal shelter to adopt a homeless pet.

Set Expectations 
It is important to understand that not everyone will be excited about this event. Co-workers need to respect each other, regardless of who chooses to participate. To ensure a great outcome, state some ground rules in advance. For example, dogs should remain on a leash and be under the owner's control throughout the day. Having some areas designated as non-dog areas, such as the lunchroom and restrooms, is also a good idea.

Employees who plan to bring their dog to work should submit proof of vaccinations before the event, particularly rabies. You should also let them know it's their responsibility to assess their dog's temperament to determine if he or she can handle being around several people and other dogs all day long. Assuming dog owners are responsible and most people enjoy the event, your company should be able to host it every year.

Please contact us at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital if you need resources for this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Dog owners can also contact us to inquire about vaccinations, even if they are not current clients. Enjoy the day!

Photo Credit: A dog's Life Photo / iStock