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Embrace Winter With Your Pet


It’s official! Winter has arrived to Shoreview, MN - and it’s time to embrace all that our beautiful area has to offer…..and bring your adventurous dog with you! He or she will not only benefit from the physical exercise, but also enjoy the companionship with you!

Venture Outside

Even though it’s tempting to stay warm and by the fire, Shoreview offers an off-leash dog park! In this space, your dog can explore 13 acres of paths and open areas, while still being fenced around the perimeter. If you do take in the dog park, make sure your dog is up to date on his or her vaccinations. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your dog to observe his comfort level with the space, other dogs and their owners. It’s always a good idea to have your leash close by and be sure that your dog responds well to being called back to you and other basic commands.

Be Mindful of the Paws

After taking a trek outside, be sure to gently wipe off your dog’s feet before coming back inside. Ice melt and salt used to reduce the snow and ice from walking spacing can cause discomfort or even burns to sensitive paws. As he or she licks her paws, they may ingest these substances, as well. We offer a balm for your dog’s feet that is waterproof and helps them retain moisture.


As you venture out, consider adding a sweater or coat to your dog’s wardrobe. Of course, some dogs really aren’t comfortable wearing additional attire, but if you notice your pet shivering or being reluctant to place paws on surfaces, consider trying out booties or coats prior to beginning your walks. Share a photo with us of your pet in his or her favorite winter wear!

Watch for Signs of Being Too Cold

Most importantly, keep a close watch on some subtle and not so subtle signs that your dog has been outside too long:

  • Shivering
  • Shaking
  • Not placing feet on ground
  • Whimpering or whining
  • Seeking shelter or curling up

We recommend that dogs remain inside during the winter. If your dog is an “outside dog”, be especially mindful of bringing them in when temperatures get below 45 degrees. Consider  that age and conditions such as arthritis can reduce the time that your pet should spend outdoors.

If you have concerns about your pet, please make an appointment with our veterinary team. We hope you and your pets are enjoying winter as much as we are!

Image Credit: Pixabay