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Choosing a Boarding Facility for Your Pet


Are you looking forward to an upcoming vacation? Are you concerned about leaving your dog or cat behind? We want to help assure you that at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital we understand that no boarding facility can replace the needed interaction a pet receives from his or her owner, but we will provide your pet with the best care possible while you are busy and away from home.

Why Choose Us

Traveling with pets can be difficult. If you are able to find accommodations that accept pets, often this causes stress on them.  Pets may become anxious with new surroundings and changes in routine. By choosing a boarding facility, your pet benefits from round-the-clock supervision, exercise, and medical staff to provided needed medications or veterinary care.  Additionally, many of our staff our Fear Free Certified, and we are AAHA Accredited, so you can rest assured that your pets are in knowledgeable, caring and compassionate hands!

Before Your Pet's Stay

If you are an existing client, rest assured that we have your pet's records and can update any needed vaccinations prior to your pet's stay. We do request that you if you are a new client, we require an exam, at no cost to you, with one of our technicians. These vaccinations help ensure your pet's safety, as well as that of our other guests.

You may also consider bringing your pet to our doggy daycare for a few visits prior to your departure. This will help your pet get to know our staff a bit more, and make the change in routine a bit more familiar.

Tips For Making Your Pet's Visit A Breeze

Does your pet get nervous the moment he or she sees your your suitcase make an appearance? Try these tips to help prepare for a smooth visit:

  • Leave your pet's carrier out a few days beforehand to help him or her acclimate
  • Pack your pet's favorite treats, toys and a familiar blanket or clothing item
  • Allow plenty of time to transition from your home to Minnesota Veterinary Hospital to help your pet not feel rushed or stressed
  • Talk to us if you have noticed signs of separation anxiety in your pet

Our goal is to help your pet AND you feel relaxed and calm about your time away from one another. If you have additional concerns, please ask our staffwhen booking reservations or prior to your visit.

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