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Celebrate Your Pet


An enthusiastic greeting when you walk through the door after a long day at work. A sloppy kiss. A warm snuggle with the loudest purr you have ever heard. These are just some of the reasons you love your dog or cat so much. The bonds that people form with their pets are just as meaningful to them as those they form with other people, if not more so. You are naturally attached to anyone you live with and care for every day, regardless of his or her species. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is a perfect time to celebrate the amazing bond you share with your dog or cat.

Show Your Love by Caring for Your Pet's Teeth and Heart 

Your four-legged friend needs your help to stay healthy. Since heartworm is one of the biggest threats to the health of house pets, preventing it is extremely important. Minnesota Veterinary Hospital encourages all pet owners to schedule an annual physical that includes screening for heartworm disease. If your animal tests positive for heartworm, immediate treatment with the appropriate medications is usually enough to reverse its course. We make it easy for you to order the medications your pet needs with My Vet Store Online. You can also buy heartworm prevention medication and have it delivered in single doses straight to your door.

Caring for a dog or cat's teeth is a challenge, even for the most devoted pet owner. However, it's still vital to your pet's overall health even if he or she doesn't cooperate with you. During the month of February, we are offering a $25 discount on dental services to help make it easier for you to care for your pet's dental health. To receive the discount, just mention it prior to booking your appointment. Not only will your furry companion have healthier teeth, he or she will have fresher breath for those up-close cuddling sessions.

A Valentine's Day Gift for You and Your Pet

What better way to celebrate the unconditional love your dog or cat gives you than by commemorating Valentine's Day 2015 with an adorable Pet Pix. When you download the MN Vet app, you can snap as many cute, playful, and goofy pictures of your pet as you want. You can even step into the picture yourself just to let everyone know how much this special relationship means to you. Once you've decided on a photo, a frame from our app makes the perfect compliment. The frame with #1 and a pink heart is ideal to help you celebrate Valentine's Day, but you also have several other options.

Before the holiday has passed for another year, be sure to visit our online store to find your pet a present. Your dog or cat will love this special treat simply because it comes from you.