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Our staff is specially trained, and our facilities fully equipped for any number of surgical or dental procedures. We also utilize local Board Certified Veterinary Surgical Specialists to perform more complicated surgical procedures at our hospital.


MVH strives to provide the safest environment possible for all of our patients undergoing anesthesia. From routine spays and neuters, to orthopedic procedures and emergency surgeries, all of our patients receive the safest, most effective anesthetics available. Our patients are also supported and fully monitored during and after any procedure to ensure a safe, rapid recovery.

Because we want to be sure your animal is healthy prior to anesthesia and surgery, we require blood work on all of our patients prior to any procedures. Your pet will then have an IV catheter placed. This allows for safe and effective administration of all necessary anesthetics and medications before, during and after the procedure. Your pet will also receive IV fluids during and after the procedure to maintain hydration and to aid in a rapid recovery.

If your pet requires General Anesthesia, it will be sedated, an endotracheal tube will be placed, and they will be maintained on Isoflurane gas and oxygen. This allows the Surgical Nurse and Doctor to more safely and accurately control your pet's level of anesthesia.

Anesthetic Monitoring

Depending upon the procedure, our patient's needs may range from light sedation to General Anesthesia. Regardless of the procedure or level of sedation, your pet will be very closely monitored. Our Doctors and Surgical Nurses regularly monitor your pet's pulse and respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, and level of oxygen saturation. Our goal is to be sure your pet does well through the entire procedure and recovers as quickly as possible. 

Pain Management

We utilize a number of pharmaceuticals ranging from local anesthetics and anti-inflammatories, to stronger pain medications to keep your pet as comfortable and as pain free as possible before, during and after any procedure. Our goal is that your pet never experience pain during or after any surgical or dental procedure.
Please ask us for a tour of our surgical and dental areas. We are very proud of our facilities and our staff!