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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Many dog owners don’t realize that grooming is essential to their pet’s well-being. It goes far beyond helping the dog look her best. Without consistent grooming, dogs can develop mats and grease in the fur that can have negative health consequences. Matted fur can tangle and become uncomfortable for your dog when you try to brush it out. Having matted fur on the bottom of the paws can even make it difficult for your dog to walk.

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Having Pets


Pet owners believe that their lives are enriched by owning a pet, but did you know even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that having a pet is good for you? Pet ownership and companionship can prevent you from feeling lonely, give you more opportunities for socialization, and give you a sense of love and pride from taking such good care of your pet. In fact, just petting your dog or cat can immediately lower your stress level!

Pets have been proven to lower anxiety and depression, especially for people who are prone to these mental health conditions or who have suffered through a traumatic event. One reason for this is that the presence of a pet changes a person’s focus from his or her inward thoughts to taking care of a dependent animal.


AAHA Accreditation Since 1985!


When it comes to hospitals that treat humans, the government requires any facility that accepts Medicaid to undergo a rigorous accreditation process. Accreditation means that a hospital exceeded standards in several areas according to a review completed by an outside organization. However, accreditation for veterinary hospitals is completely voluntary. You may assume the veterinary clinic you bring your pet to is accredited, but the reality is that no more than 15 percent of clinics have sought and received outside accreditation. We are happy to let you know that Minnesota Veterinary Hospital is one of themOur entire team is committed to the highest in veterinary care for your pets.