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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

January 24 is Change a Pet's Life Day


You love animals and you want to help them in any way you can. Change a Pet’s Life Day, celebrated this year on Wednesday, January 24, gives you the opportunity to do just that. Several organizations concerned with animal welfare came together to create Change a Pet’s Life Day to raise awareness of the need for pet adoption and to improve the overall well-being of companion animals everywhere. 


Keep Your Pet Away from Antifreeze This Winter


Mother Nature has dished out some brutal temperatures and wind chills already this winter. On a day when the thermometer reads 20 degrees below zero and you need your car to start so you can get to work, you’re grateful that someone invented antifreeze. In addition to helping your car start and run on frigid Minnesota days, antifreeze helps to melt ice on the windshield and is an essential component of hydraulic brake fluid.

To your dog or cat, antifreeze looks like water and has a sweet, attractive smell. This can cause your pet to lap up spilled antifreeze and suffer serious and immediate consequences. It only requires ingesting a teaspoon of antifreeze for cats to experience acute kidney failure and a tablespoon for dogs. That is because its primary ingredient of ethylene glycol is toxic to companion animals.


In it Together - Devoted Resolutions


It’s a new year, and you have vowed to get in shape and improve your health. Although you might have made this resolution before only to fall back into old habits before the end of January, you mean it this time. The good news is that having a pet gives you even more motivation to achieve better health. Not only does the love of your furry companion give you the incentive to take better care of yourself, but it encourages you to improve your pet’s health as well.