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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

Importance of Mental Stimulation in Your Pets


Think of how dull your life would be if you didn’t have regular mental stimulation. Even if you don’t find your job particularly challenging on an intellectual level, you have plenty of other outlets to help meet this basic human need. Did you know that dogs and cats need mental stimulation as well? While the requirement might not be at the same level as our own, companion animals also have the need to use their brains. 


Summer Safety and Your Pet


According to the website Pets and Parasites, the risk of contracting heartworm or Lyme disease is especially high this year. This has been true of the last five years as well, with the prevalence of both diseases being up 20 percent since 2013. One reason for this is that summers have been hot and wet across the nation for the last several years. Once a dog becomes infected, it’s much easier for him to spread these serious tick-borne illnesses to other dogs. Cats can get heartworm or Lyme disease as well, although it is far less common for them.


Why Choose Minnesota Veterinary Hospital for Boarding and Doggy Daycare


It isn’t officially summer yet, but you wouldn’t know that by triple-digit temperatures we have experienced in Shoreview, Minnesota and the surrounding areas recently. If they’re not already, kids will be out of school soon and then families will go on summer vacations in droves. While you have probably looked forward to the escape for months, you may not know what to do with your cat, dog, or other small pet.