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5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Pet For Winter


In the winter months, you are going to need to take extra precautions when it comes to looking after your pets. Winter can bring some harsh challenges, so you need to make sure that your pet is going to stay healthy throughout this season. We have come up with 5 ways that you can go about this, and we’ve talked about them below.

Keep Them Warm And Cozy

Your pets need to stay warm throughout the winter. We know that this can be quite a challenge, but there are things that you can do to make it easier on yourself. For example, cats can stay inside quite happily. Dogs, however, need to go outside, both for exercise, as well as to "take care of business", so they are going to have to brave the cold. When they do this, be sure to monitor their comfort carefully. Watch for signs of shivering and monitor their tolerance to the snow and ice.

Stock Up On Essential Items

You never know what is going to happen if bad weather hits, and you're homebound for a couple of days. Or, if you're traveling, and suddenly become stranded. In case this happens, you need to make sure that you have an emergency kit for your pet. This should be enough food, water, and medication to last them for a few days at the very least.

Be on the Lookout and Avoid Antifreeze

Antifreeze is deadly to animals, so you need to watch where you are storing it. Make sure to keep all antifreeze as well as funnels, etc far out of reach for your pet. Monitor garage floors and driveways for unintended spills. Even the smallest amount could be deadly to your pet, so you need to take this precaution where you can.

Get Them A Coat And Booties

While you may think that dog coats and booties for their paws sound silly, they are very good at protecting your dog from the harsh weather. For example, if you take your dog for a walk, you are going to want to know that their paws aren’t getting cut on ice, or harmed by ice-removal products. The best way to do this is to make sure that they have something covering them. Booties for your dog's paws will mean that they don’t have to walk on the freezing ground and it will keep them warmer for longer. After you come inside, be sure to gently wipe of their paws to keep them from ingesting any chemicals left behind on pavement or roads.

Get A Veterinary Checkup

Your veterinarian will be able to give you more information about what you should be doing to prepare your pets for winter. They might also be able to prescribe you some joint supplements that will be able to ease your pets joint pain that can be caused by the cold. Our Minnesota Veterinary Hospital team will be able to provide specific advice for you, tailored to your pet's age, health and needs as they pertain to cold weather.

We hope you have a safe and fun winter!

Image Credit: Pixabay